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My sweet wife's illegal pussy fucking stories
I am kumar working in mnc and my wife is bindu,housewife.I was 24 when this happened and bindu is 22.Her stats are 32-26-36.We have a maid roshni.She is dusky and we do threesome quite often which actually started as homosexual relation between bindu and roshni.Since the day I joined them we three most often used to be naked.I fuck bindu in night and roshni would either suck me in the morning before I go to office or we just have a quicky.Later bindu and roshni would have some fun.

Things were going smooth.After few months one day roshni did not attend work.I got ready for my office.Just then doorbell rang I opened it to find shyam,roshni ‘s husband.He works as a mechanic.I asked him what made you come here.He looked bit gruff and said he has something serious to talk about.I let him in and asked ‘what is it?Is roshni alright’ shyam replied ‘oh..You are worried about her pussy which you fuck regularly’ I got shocked but still feigned ignorance ‘what are you talking about?’ just then bindu entered hall.

Shyam continued in hard tone this time ‘you have a nice looking wife but you still screw your maid’.Even bindu had a worried expression.I tried to bring situation under control ‘look.I don’t understand what you are talking about.Now I am going to office.We will solve your misunderstanding in the evening some where outside.’he shouted back ‘don’t act.That bitch told me everything about you three.I want justice right here,now.Call the elderly of the apartments.They will solve the issue.’my wife panicked and came to my side.She whispered in low tone ‘our dignity will be ruined if neighbours come to know’ I patted her and told her to wait.I did not know what to do ‘see.Don’t involve others into this matter.We are well respected people here.We are sorry for what happened.Everything happened with bindu’s consent only. Bygones be bygones.Just forget everything’

He replied ‘so you fuck my wife and say just sorry!!!!’

I said ‘so what do you want?’ he had a crooked smile ‘i want your wife’ bindu and I were shocked.

I said ‘what the fuck are you talking about??’ he said ‘it is the justice.You screw my wife behind me.Now I will screw your wife’ I said ‘no way!!’ he replied ‘in that case may be I have to seek others for solving the issue’ my wife who was froze till now said meekly ‘kumar.I think it is the only way out’

I asked what.She said ‘you fucked roshni,his wife.It is only fair that I have too ….’ I said ‘have you gone mad.He is just a mechanic’ shyam said ‘oh..Din’t you remember that when you were fucking pussy which actually belongs to a mechanic’

When I was about to reply bindu put an hand on my shoulder and came in front facing me with her back to shyam ‘kumar..Think with your normal head.We have been doing threesome with roshni.How else do you think her husband react when he comes to know’ I had no answer and was in a doubt.Just then shyam put his dark hand on my wife’s fair hip.Bindu stiffened but din’t flinch.

Seeing my wife with a dark low class fellow reminded me of various sex stories and porn I saw in my college days.As I too did not protest shyam started kissing bindu on neck from behind.My wife kept looking at me in eyes but I could sense sexuality in her eyes.I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and confused.He loosened pallu which fell down showing her boob filled blouse which was heaving fast.

Shyam started mauling her right breast and with left hand turned her head to kiss her.She rejected his kiss and said ‘please I can’t kiss you.I will kiss only my husband whom I love’ that reminded me of love I bear to her I immediately went to her and kissed her ‘thank you baby.I truly love you and I am with you in whatever you do.Don’t feel guilty in any way.’ she detached from shyam and kissed me back hard ‘oh kumar. Thanks a lot.Your approval means a lot for me’

Shyam could not handle our love.He pulled bindu from me,turned her around pulled the knot of her petticoat and also started removed hooks of her blouse quickly.Her boobs fell out as she did not wear any undergarments that day.He squeezed her right boob and roughly kissing her left boob.His right hand got down to her pussy.I could see bindu enjoying and my cock become rock hard.I started feeling it over my formal pant.She saw me. Smiled and bit her lower lip.I was happy for her.Shyam increased the force of fingering and squeezing and said ‘memsaab.Should I do the whole work up.Come on serve me like how my wife serves your husband.Pull off my pant.’ my wife’s jacket was hanging loose over her shoulder.

She took it off and stepped out of her petticoat.She removed shyam’s pant’s button and lowered it along with his underwear.He caught her both boobs and said ‘stroke it’ just then doorbell rang.

Bindu came back to her senses and looked worried ‘who is it!!’ shyam said ‘don’t worry memsaab that must be my bitch wife.You just continue’ she started going for her clothes.Shyam caught hold of her ‘memsaab we will continue in bedroom.Sir will see who is at the door.Sir…’ I realised how much I got engrossed into voyeurism and said ‘ya I will see’ they went into my fucking bedroom.

I opened door to see roshni.’sir.I am sorry.Did shyam cause any trouble.I am so sorry’ I closed the door and shouted towards bedroom ‘it’s roshni’ roshni did not understand ‘sir what is happeninng..’ I immediately kissed her on mouth. Inspite of her troubles she reacted like a bitch in heat.I said ‘i will show you what is happening.Just remove your dress’ she obliged as she always does.

I took her to bedroom to show shyam how his wife is to me.When I entered to my surprise I saw bindu sucking shyam’s dark meat.His cock is as long as mine ,7 inch.But mine is thick and so bindu was able to take shyam’s cock easily. Shyam was sleeping on bed while bindu was kneeling beside him taking his meat. Shyam called to me ‘oh sir.Madam sucks really good’ then bindu saw us she took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking(because I was there) I gave her a tiny nod.She signalled thank you and continued sucking him.I kissed roshni ‘now suck me’ we went to bed and laid beside them.

Shyam raised her ‘oh if you suck like this I will cum soon and I don’t want to waste my cum in your mouth’ he took off his shirt and pant pulled bindu towards him and buried his mouth into her crotch.She squealed and started moaning.

I was just seeing bindu’s face and feeling some mouth on my cock.I pulled roshni up and made her doggy with her face towards my wife.I wanted to see whole scene in front of me while I fuck this bitch.Shyam continued licking my wife.Bindu and roshni got into hot kissing session.I was fucking roshni deep.

Suddenly I saw bindu take a deep breath ‘ouaaahh..’ I turned around to see shyam fucking her pussy.I could not take it anymore I may cum soon seeing my wife getting fucked.I rubbed roshni’s clit to make her cum too.I could sense her nearing orgasm.I too came in her.She collapsed onto bindu.I just kept looking at the scene.Usually I last for more time but I came soon today and the orgasm was more intense.

Just then I heard my wife uttering ‘i am cumming’ few moments later I saw shyam dig deep and held his hips.I was sure that he is emptying his balls into bindu.

I whispered in bindu’s ear ‘are you okay darling’ she replied ‘yes’ I was relieved.I felt like peeing and got up from bed.Shyam lay beside bindu with eyes closed and a smile on his face.I thought ‘happy bastard.You fucked a woman whom you never thought you would screw.’i tapped roshni to follow me.

I went to bathroom pulled roshni down.She knew what to do and opened her mouth.I started pissing in her mouth.I somehow felt happy to see shyam’s wife taking my golden shower.When I was done I turned around to see shyam there.I was shocked.

He came coolly to us.He said ‘so sir..You make use of this bitch as a toilet also’ and with that he caught her hair and started peeing on her face.She was clearing her face just like you keep clearing when bathing under a shower.When he was done he pushed his cock into her mouth and said ‘make it hard for me bitch.Sir you are making full use of my slut wife.

Now I want your wife’s other hole too’ I know he wants to fuck bindu’s ass. I did not want to stretch the issue as I know how it ends.Rather I decided to take control and also give new pleasure to bindu.I said ‘okay.I will tell you when to enter.Just come to bedroom after 5 min.’roshni got up and went to shower followed by shyam.

I went to bedroom to make my wife ready for her first dp.I went near her gave a lip lock.’how are you feeling dear?’ she replied ‘i feel great and the fact that I am fucking in front of you made it more exciting.I hope you are not having any hard feelings?’ I said ‘no dear.In fact I did not take eyes of you and it made me cum hard and fast and see now I am still hard’

Bindu saw my cock and went close to it.Kissed it.’so the lion is back for the hunt.Let me make it more strong with that she took it in mouth.Within a minute I was hard enough.I made her sleep on the bed..Cleaned her pussy with a light towel and entered her.I could feel the cum of a low class worker in my well brought up wife’s cunt.Said the same thing to bindu.She moaned more with my strokes.

I went slowly to savour this new experience.Then I got a tap on my shoulder,it was shyam.Bindu realised shyam suddenly and tried to cover herself with hands.

Shyam caught her hands pulled them out ‘why are you hiding now memsaab when I have seen everything’ I said ‘yes dear.Just feel free and kissed her. Shyam took her left boob into his mouth.Bindu responded to my kiss and with left hand she hugged shyam’s head to her breast.

Roshni then came into bedroom after a short bath.She said ‘oh memsaab.You are enjoying two men at same time even I never did that’ shyam ‘saali raand.You are so desperate to take more cocks.Your chance will also come.Now come here and make memsaab hot’ roshni came close and started chewing right boob.Bindu held both to her boobs like feeding milk to two children.

I asked her to ride my cock ‘i want to see your boobs bounce when they are eating you’she immediately obliged and I lied down. She started riding.Roshni started eating one boob.Shyam squeezed other and his other hand was on bindu’s clit rubbing hit frantically. Bindu moaned heavily ‘aaah.Faster’ just then shyam bent her.I got the signal and I hugged bindu.Whispered to her ‘relax and make you body loose’

She didn’t understand until she felt shyam’s dick at her asshole opening.She said ‘what…’ when shyam’s dick half entered her ass. ‘are you doing..’ shyam fully penetrated her and I could feel his dick against mine with only a single layer in between.I asked him to wait from stroking.

Said ‘bindu relax. Everything will be fine.’ I started slow strokes.Shyam rubbed her clitoris gently.Bindu seemed to have adjusted.Now shyam started his strokes.

When I retract from bindu’s pussy shyam pushed his dick into her ass.She got strokes continuously on both sides.Roshni was fingering herself while bindu was getting fucked in both holes.

I called her close and inserted my three fingers into her pussy.Shyam inserted 2 fingers into her ass.While we each gave stroke into bindu’s holes our fingers stroked roshni’s holes.Shyam came into bindu’s ass within 15minutes.

I rotated bindu onto bed and gave slow strokes and came after 10minutes.We rested for sometime later shyam got a call and he left.I was not ready for any more fuck so roshni went for taking care of house chores.I hugged bindu more into my arms and went into sleep.Since then shyam also used to join us sometimes and we fucked roshni too.In my next story I will tell you the next big step of bindu.

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